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A&D was founded in 1977, during the early days of digital electronics. At the time, most of the measuring, monitoring and controlling industry were still using mechanical products to solve their problems. But change came quickly and many manufactures of these products did not survive the transition.

However, A&D's background is electronics, which resulted in our highly successful entry into the weighing market with low cost, advanced digital indicators and a rapidly expanding line of digital weighing, controlling and testing products. Our early knowledge led to rapid success, and set the stage for our growth as a world class manufacturer of digital products for medical, science and industry.

Our continued success has come about through our ability to advance, and this skill has never been more important than it is today. Not only does technology continue to change, with new developments coming every day, but markets, distribution channels and competition are evolving as well.

In response, A&D now provides a much wider product offering ranging from basic low cost products to high technology products. We are expanding our international manufacturing to take advantage of favorable regional economics. We are broadening our distribution to reach previously unavailable markets, and we are re-engineering our information systems throughout our global organization to meet 21st century standards.
At the dawn of the new century, A&D is positioned to emerge with a new vision and the promise of an even brighter future. A future that will provide greater opportunity and more rewards for our global associates; while providing increasing value to our customers.


Hikaru Furukawa, President & CEO, A&D Company Limited.

Analytical Balances                      Vital Sign Monitors

A&D-DSP Measurement and Control Instruments for Industries

Fact Sheet

Founded :May 1977
Headquarter :Tokyo, Japan
Paid-in-Capital :4.48B Yen(US$42.7M)
Annual Sales :25.47B Yen (US$242.6M)
President & CEO :Hikaru Furukawa
Number of Employee :530 (Japan) 

A&D Technical Center in Japan

Our Medical Business

The importance of staying healthy by monitoring your vital signs is well recognized and practiced in households worldwide today. When you visit your physician, you will have your blood pressure and body temperature measured, and body weight taken. To monitor your vital signs is recommended by physicians as "preventive medicine". With advancements in technology, you can become very involved in your own care enabling early feedback necessary to receive prompt and effective health examination and treatment.

A&D has been serving the healthcare community and the home-health care market by providing monitoring equipment for measuring vital signs, specifically blood pressure. We started promoting medical devices in 1979 with an innovative "digital blood pressure monitor for the home". In those days, home monitoring was uncommon. Without the technology, healthcare professionals were the source of blood pressure measurements. They listened to the sound of blood flowing in the artery to determine the patient's systolic and diastolic values.

Personal Blood Pressure Monitors

A&D has made monitoring blood pressure at home a reality with new technology and with more portable innovation; measurements can be taken almost anywhere. In 1984, extensive research and development refined our oscillometric technology to make home blood pressure monitoring commonplace. This oscillometric method, a new computer aided microphone-free system, became the standard method for monitoring blood pressure digitally at home.

We are proud to be in a unique position in the healthcare market. As leaders in blood pressure technology we expanded our professional medical product line in the late 1980's. Starting with an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, our medical product line offerings became widely supported by healthcare professionals and researchers around the world. Current models in our professional line of monitors include; ambulatory blood pressure monitors, bedside monitors, and fully automatic monitors addressing many needs. Product line expansion with the highest quality standards is our company mission.

              Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
        Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

This expansion now includes medical weighing products, thermometers and nebulizers. This strengthens our presence in vital signs monitoring equipment.

Precision Health Scales
               Barrier-free Scales  

A&D designs and manufactures products to address the growing needs in the healthcare community, providing "Technology You Can Trust" to patients and consumers who desire monitoring for Life.

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NTT Resonant, Sharp and A&D Medical launched a new gooKARADAlog PHR service, CHA cerified Android 4.0 Smartphone and CHA certified Body Composition Analyser UC-411PBT-C for Japanese market on June 18, 2012



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