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A&D Medical Bluetooth
All of our Bluetooth® models are equipped with our own Bluetooth® board. We designed the board using the outstanding Mitsumi Bluetooth module and other high performance electric components. This Bluetooth board was also optimized for use with our monitors, by installing an internal antenna, for superior wireless communication. We designed our own BT board so that our customers can experience fast and efficient wireless communication between their systems and our products.


Bluetooth Specifications

Serial data format 9600/8/N/1or2
Power supply
6V battery, Bluetooth Transmission time: 125mA(MAX)
Built in clock
Battery backup clock, Standard life span 5 years
Transmission data

Measuring data (blood pressure, body weight)
Measuring time             (Real time)Using built in clock
Transmission time        (Real time) Using built in clock
Device Serial No.
Bluetooth device address
Device type    
Device power voltage
Version      Firmware version

Operation Mode Master
Class1 (100mW) Transmission range 100m(Max)
Version Ver2.0
GAP(Generic Access Profile), SDP(Service Discovery Profile), SPP(Serial Port Profile)
If the data is not received, it will be saved automatically (Max 40) and transmitted at the next connection time. Received data will be automatically deleted from the memory.
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