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A&D takes pride in our commitment to continuous technology advancement in response to the needs of the market today and in anticipation of future demands and possibilities.

A&D was formed by a team of engineers who originated from a leading high-tech company. Since our inception, technical expertise and quality assurance have been the hallmarks in which the company was built. A&D’s exclusive design and manufacture of sensors set the foundation for the design of new categories of products. In the medical related field, our weight sensor and pressure sensor technologies are central to the products for the health care community.


Pressure sensor for blood pressure monitor

Currently, all the blood pressure monitors use the ‘’Oscillometric ‘’ method to measure blood pressure. This technique requires neither stethoscope nor microphone to collect the signal from the artery located in the upper arm (or wrist). Unlike analog monitors used in hospitals and clinics by professionals, digital monitors with the oscillometric method do not require any training to users. By applying this new technology, home monitoring by patients became possible.

To advance the benefits realized by this technology, A&D began supplying oscillometric blood pressure monitors for home use since 1984, establishing A&D as a pioneer of its kind.

A&D takes pride in the fact that we have designed and manufactured these sensors internally since the inception of the company.

This technology is powerful, yet simple. When the blood pressure cuff is under deflation after pressurelized to the certain level, a small signal called an oscillometric wave is generated and transferred to the BP monitor through an air line.

A small capacitor type of sensor receives the small signal from the cuff and amplifies it to transmit it to the CPU for wave analysis.

The signal is weak (mV level), therefore, precise response is required against the incoming signals. Therefore, sensing that signal is one of the major factors to the accuracy of the monitor. A&D’s strength is in the design and manufacturer of that critical sensor.

Quality assurance is another critical factor of producing commercial products in mass quantity. These sensors are manufacturered under a temperature controlled clean room and inspected 100% before going to unit assembling line. This 100% inspection system is added assurance of the quality of A&D products.


Weight sensor for precision scale

A&D has been in the weighing industry for over 20 years and is a full line manufacturer of a broad array of weighing products. From light as a piece of hair (0.00002 g), to heavy as a train (100 tons), A&D supplies a variety of weighing products in addition to sensors to the market. Again, our strength is to design and manufacturer the sensors themselves to claim its accuracy.

In the area of precision weight measurements for bodyweight, the sensor used is called a « load cell ». A load cell has a wide adaptation of sensing weight in different sizes, sensitivity and pricing with a high degree of durability.

A&D manufactures the body forming (mostly aluminum alloy) and gauge to sense strain of the body for higher reliability against weight measurements.

Our UC-321PBT scale is manufacturered in the same factory as the sensor. Bonding the gauge to the alluminum body, ovening, aging, calibrating and inspecting are all done by a uniform control system to maintain the capacity and reliability for all the pieces of sensors used for the scales.

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